About us

The dream of starting a business came early, we were in our early twenties when the opportunity came and the timing was right; leave what we had behind us and start something together. It felt like it was now or never, like it was meant to be. We knew that we were going to open a shop and we've always felt a gap in the range of jewelry in our town. This meant that the choice of shop became clear for us. Our family has been with us supporting us and helping us from the start when we took the brave step out to the unknown. We had nothing to lose, the whole family got involved and we built everything together. This family feel has remained within the company and has build our Faith spirit since the first day.

Since the day we started-in march 2000 we've found a haven at our grandparents summer house. This is were we've been able to catch our breath, get new inspiration and a lot of our photo shoots have actually taken place there. The same year that we opened our store we bought our beloved Volkswagen bus that we took with us to every festival. The shop moved in with us in our little bus and we toured around and sold jewelry and accessories to happy festival goers. We remember this time with three words: so much fun! This experience that we got by creating these kind of encounters with our customers has been a kind of foundation for us and have since than wanting to keep a wide range of products to be able to keep our own inspiration, our own silver thread. Trends come and go, but we've always wanted to express our own voice and be able to share it.

Not long after this, new opportunities were starting to show. We moved in to a bigger place and at the same time  we started to produce our own products and it has been a wonderful journey. We've grown so much from this and have now decided that it is time to take a new step on our journey and develop Faith even more and find new worlds for us to explore. Not only that but we've started this amazing new webshop where we're going to be even more active from now on.

Our vision is to create jewelry with good sustainability, a clear feeling and so much love. With help from nature, encounters with wonderful people and new experiences, we want to get even further. So who knows, maybe you'll see us in touring around in our Volkswagen again soon...


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