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  • mbyM

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    mbyM’s signature style is raw femininity mixed with Scandinavian coolness. By creating stylish and uncompromising yet original and affordable designs, we make sure that the mbyM girl is always one step ahead. The mbyM concept is based on skilful design, cool detailing and quality of cut. Whether it’s for a casual or dressy occasion, we’re dressing the feminine, urban girl with edgy style and high wearability. Dominating the colour palette in the collections are classic and neutral shades. These base colours are brought to life with carefully selected highlight colours each season as well as bold and more delicate repeat prints.

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  • Hultquist

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    Hultquist-Copenhagen was established in 1980 by Anne Hultquist.

    The basic concept is creating unique fashion jewellery inspired by the wonderful mixture of different cultures from past, present and future.

    Anne Hultquist and her team continuously design an extensive range of feminine and bohemian fashion jewellery influenced by the classical Scandinavian look expressing individualism and fashion awareness.

    Special part of the collection with semi precious stones has for many years been handmade in our workshop in Copenhagen.

    The Hultquist-Copenhagen brand is available in most European countries.

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  • Nic & Friends

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    The brand Nic and Friends started as a reaction to the lack of both masculine and gender neutral jewellery with a genuine touch of personality. Cheap and mass-produced was of no interest to us. Nor was overpriced and luxurious. We were looking for something else. We wanted to find a different way to make contemporary jewellery, for the urban and the natural free spirits alike. For everyone who chose individuality before conformity, whether dressed in a suit or wearing shorts and a Tee.

    We wanted to create jewellery with a touch of timeless Scandinavian simplicity, in combination with a global recognition of personal significance. In the end, as it turned out, we had to travel to the other side of the world to find just what we were looking for. Small-scale independent craftsmen of fine silver goods, working with century old traditional methods and tools.

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  • Nic & Mel

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    Nic & Mel was founded in 2010. The initial ambition and conviction has always been the same: To create timeless and individual accessories for men who values feeling and function just as much as a stylish look.

    Inspired of classic design and with a strong sense for materials, we have created and developed a continually living, unique and unbound collection through the years. The well balanced combination of stripped masculine elegance, together with an understanding for contemporary details or specific technological needs, has been defining our products and our brand since the start. Simplicity have been primary to our shapes and design. Quality have dictated our choice of material. The uncomplicated use have in turn been decisive in terms of function.

    We are convinced, that it is through the everyday use of our products, that they in turn get their real value. Through which they win their appreciation, earn their well deserved patina and from where they derive their soul. We strive to give our products these qualifications, but only those who use our products are able to realise this ambition. They are the only ones who can succeed, in truth, in making them timeless.

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  • Pilgrim

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    It all began in 1983 when two Danes – Annemette Markvad and Thomas Adamsen – translated their unique empathy and innovative energy into jewellery design, sold mainly at festivals.
    Their love of music and people expressed itself through the design, reflecting deeply held values of spontaneity, intimacy and authenticity. Pilgrim jewellery was, and remains, truly of the moment.

    “Thomas and I were not business people, and we began Pilgrim very much from the heart.
    We have always had two key aims: to create beautiful jewellery that makes you feel beautiful. And to create a workplace where everyone enjoys coming to work and where words like respect, responsibility and trust are cherished concepts put into practice.
    Pilgrim is all about going out and seeking new things, new ways, and new journeys. It’s not only the destination that matters, but also how you get there.

    We have since become an international brand. High quality on-trend design is the cornerstone of our company, and with 6 collections a year we deliver handmade jewellery, timepieces and sunglasses to more than 50 countries around the world.

    Our finger is firmly on fashion’s pulse and our heart is very much still part of Pilgrim.

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